News from the small city garden


For a guy who's all obsessed with native plants, it's embarrassing that the biggest plants in my garden right now aren't natives. They're not even that interesting or original or inspired. Echium candicans? Geranium maderense? Yeah. Well, that's in the process of changing. Most of the best stuff I have I'm growing from seed so it's all small.

I just started laying out the cobblestone path a couple weeks ago. The weather's been good for that kind of work. The ground is soft and it's not too hot out. Funny, the garden looked like this just five months ago. Lots of work going on.

The broccoli (not from seed) is on the rebound from some massive bug munching in September and October.


The brugmansia flowers really are pink. Lots of new bamboo coming up...


Oh, look. Another geranium.


The roof garden you've heard about.


The view from the roof, looking east.



nina said...


(What are you doing for Thanksgiving? -- Have a happy one!)

Jenn said...

Your geranium here is actually a Pelargonium.

Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

It is nice to see there are not too many damn trees to block your view of all those lovely houses.

chuck b. said...

Jenn, you are certainly correct that the zonal geranium and the rose geranium are really Pelargoniums, but the Geranium maderense is a true Geranium.

Here is a little story about it.

Susan Harris said...

OMIGOD that first photo is gee-orgeous, Chuck. I'm jealous.

Xris said...

Beautiful. Love the roof garden, and the borrowed views from up there!

As a city gardener for 25+ years, I've learned how small spaces can create, almost paradoxically, intimacy and sanctuary. I look forward to seeing your photos of the completed path and the different spaces it creates.

lisa said...

As much as I love living in the woods, I like how you've carved out garden niches everywhere you can...almost makes living in the city look like fun! I have tried, but wind up feeling depressed like a caged bird...I can only take being surrounded by people in doses, then it's back to the wilderness!

chuck b. said...

The garden will be sooo much better this summer. I was kind of afraid to post winter pictures because I thought people would be all, "Whatever, dude!"

It was magnificent last spring/summer. This year it will be even better. I can't wait! I just have to get all my construction done in the next couple of months...