A church that wanted to do something special for Hurricane Katrina victims gave a $75,000 house, free and clear, to a couple who said they were left homeless by the storm. But the couple turned around and sold the place without ever moving in, and went back to New Orleans.

"Take it up with God," an unrepentant Joshua Thompson told a TV reporter after it was learned that he and the woman he identified as his wife had flipped the home for $88,000.



lisa said...

Well, no good deed goes unpunished, so I hope the church folks aren't too surprised...disappointed yes, but surprised...c'mon...

chuck b. said...

I was amused to find myself taking a dry view of this story. My favorite part was where the church people said the couple "begged" for the house. Did they enjoy watching the couple beg? It makes it funny if you think they did.

I'm terrible.