Macro-focus bee photography.

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lisa said...

Thanks for the link...those pics are cool as hell! I love bees...I put up a mason bee house about 4 years ago, and I have lots of happy tenants. The people at this link http://www.entomologic.com/
really know their stuff!

chuck b. said...

I like bees too. I love to watch them hovering around my garden collecting nectar on their sides. Those are the females, I guess, and they can sting. Male bees don't sting. I just learned that recently, and I cannot imagine how I got through all those years of college biology classes without absorbing that fact. I've never been stung by a bee.

What kind of flower is in those pictures? I don't know much about common flowers. At first I thought it was Lessingia filaginifolia, but I changed my mind.

lisa said...

Funny how the female bees are the ones doing the work...they are also the only ones that sting! My uncle was a beekeeper, and he let me play with a male "drone" bee when I was a kid. They can't fly very far, can't sting, all they do is take care of the babies and have sex with the queen...what a life! Wish I was queen...;)