Joaquin Phoenix

Tonight we ate dinner at Millennium, a fancy vegetarian (vegan maybe) restaurant downtown. I am 90% certain bootylicious indie film star (sometimes Hollywood blockbuster supporting star or minor blockbuster star in his own right) and notable vegetarian (vegan?) Joaquin Phoenix and his (female) date were seated two tables away.

Joaquin- Phoenix joaquin3
Joaquin-Phoenix-Might-Quit-Acting-2 joaquin-phoenix

90% doesn't seem like a lot I guess, but I didn't want to stare. It would have taken some staring on my part because I'm not sure if I could spot someone like him on the street. I'd have to look for that funny lip scar thing he's got going on.

The woman at the table next to me (and next to, but across from the ostensible JP) did a lot of smiling during her dinner. The sort of smile that says, "OM[F]G!" She had a better view of him than I did until he got up to leave.

Maybe I should say 99% certain.

Isn't he the hottest?

I hope he managed to quit smoking.

ADDED: I filled in the details in the comments.


Anonymous said...

So, um, what did he date look like? ;)

ps. thanks for the report, we hear so little about Joaquin.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is the hottest. Truly.

chuck b. said...

Lots of Joaquin Phoenix fans coming over to hear the story...so I'll fill in the details:

The woman was kind of plain and unremarkable. She was caucasian or maybe ethnic with fair skin and had straight-ish, dark hair past her shoulders. She didn't seem to be wearing much make-up.

He, however, was very good-looking and nattily attired, as they say. My eye only drifted in their direction when he stood up to drink down the last of his wine while she gathered her things. You know how someone standing up in your field of peripheral vision will cause you to turn your head...

I was slightly startled at the sight of him, and inadvertantly made a loud noise on my bread plate with my wine glass. He heard that and looked in my direction. Our eyes met for just a moment, and then I looked away. I tried to discretely get another look, but didn't really.

And they left. Noone else in the restaurant seemed to notice except for the woman seated between us, and for some reason, I didn't say to her, "OMG, was that who I think it was?!"

Anonymous said...

hey chuck, thanks for obliging us with a description. Was the woman in her late 20s? Cuz I wonder if it was his sister.

Also, did you say WINE?!? Oy! I hope not! He was in rehab last year ya know. :eek

chuck b. said...

Yeah, I guess it could have been his sister...

And I don't know if it was wine. He drank the last of what was in a wine glass. It could have been some sparkling soda or something.

Also, it might not have been him! I can't be certain. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck - Does this look like the brunette you saw????