Another one. Bigger than the other day. At least a 4.0.

They're calling it a 3.7. Well, it felt stronger than that to me.


anile said...

Hi Chuck! There was one this morning too. Same exact spot all three times. My BF the geologists says we're lucky they didn't happen all at once, so I guess it's much better to be happening 3 separate times.
Still... the cats were freaking out!
Merry Christmas!

chuck b. said...

I missed this morning's earthquake. I was out gardening and didn't feel it. My s.o. felt it inside the house tho'.

Merry Christmas, Anile!

lisa said...

Back in the mid-80's, sitting in my mother's livingroom in Mishawaka, Indiana, I felt the room shaking. At first, I thought maybe my boyfriend at the time was behind the couch, playing a prank. Then I looked over at the fish tank and observed the water sloshing back and forth! It was an earthquake-in the midwest! Goes to show-the earth is retaliating everywhere!