Calling it a night at 8 p.m.




Are you jonesing for late last summer? So much.


Annie in Austin said...

Maybe you are ready for the warm stuff, ChuckB, but late summer is not something to dream about in Austin!! I'm in no hurry for the return of heat and drought, and we're not under snow like the north. So I'm perfectly happy right now with some camellias and a couple of daffodils, a few digging projects and lovely cool nights.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

chuck b. said...

I would not say that I'm jonesing for late summer in Texas either, Annie. :) I'm thinking mid-80s, sun high in the clear sky, evening fog...coastal California-style.

As for the drought, I'm okay. I did enough supplemental watering in January to get me through the summer with whatever rain falls naturally between now and then, a monthly soaking, and lots of mulch.

As for those daffodils... I don't know why my bulbs always come up a month later than everyone else's. I guess I should sow them sooner...? I could really go for some floral cheer in my garden right about now. The leaves are up; I might have flowers in a week or two.