The Gamble Garden


I meant to post something about my visit to the Gamble Garden a two weeks ago, but I never got around to it. I didn't feel a connection to this place. I couldn't relate. Do mostly kids work here? Maybe so.

There are a few interesting specimens, like this giant fennel.




It was mainly the old roses that captured my attention. Which is sad to say, because the roses were dormant.


This one's called 'Stanwell Perpetual' and it says 1838 on the accession tag. Do you think that means the cultivar was introduced in 1838, or that this bush was planted in 1838?

So thorny.

Stanwell Perpetual

I didn't get the name of this one, but it looks old too.


Do you recognize this beast? It's 'Cecile Brunner' (1981).


And this is 'Graham Thomas' (1983).


I'm intrigued by the green Eschscholtzia with...some kind of kale? How will it look when the poppies bloom orange?



Annie in Austin said...

The giant fennel would be great in an Alice in Wonderland Garden.

So I should float a few camellia blossoms in the bird bath? I wonder whether the birds would appreciate that!

The 'Graham Thomas' must look fabulous in bloom... it was my favorite rose back in Illinois, but the winters killed it back to a few inches each year, keeping the plant quite small.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

chuck b. said...

Ha! Maybe you could have one birdbath for floating camellia blossoms, and another (few) for birds!

mmw said...

I think that purple kale is going to look awesome with the poppies. But my sense of color is a little... idiosyncratic.

chuck b. said...

Oh, I think it'll look awesome too.