My other big accomplishment this weekend.

Setting up a seedling station. Actually, I did this Friday night.


Lilium pardalinum! A west coast native tiger lily. I put the seeds in a ziploc baggy in the fridge for three months mixed with 1:1 moistened perlite and vermiculite; then I spread all that on sterile mix and waited. It took at least two months before the cotyledon leaves to emerge; I think it'll be quite a while before the true leaves show. I'll keep a few and give the rest to the Botanical Garden. L. pardilinum have exacting soil requirements; people say they're hard to grow.


I found a few more Echium wildprettii seeds to sow. These will go to the Botanical Garden for sure.


And so will all these Banksia and Grevillia. They spend days inside on the heating pad and nights in the cool outdoors.


I really needed this seedling set-up to bring some order to my gardening efforts in the garage.



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lisa said...

Wow Chuck, you are a seedsman extrordinaire...I hope I have even half the sucess with mine once I get seedlings set up in the house! I have to be careful not to start too early...spring's a ways off up here!