Dog-walking discord on Bernal Hill


There's a muddled conversation here between a woman and the dog walkers. She says the dog walkers have more dogs than they can adequately supervise, and she's upset because this is causing "lots of problems". She asks what company they work for but they ignore her. Then she announces she's going to follow them and get their license plate numbers.

I didn't want to get in the middle of that catfight. But I appreciated this little drama unfolding while I stood there with my camera. "Blog post!"

Catfight. Heh. It's a post about dogs.


This dog would never cause any trouble.


But what about this guy?



This is one small part of a very, very big mural down the street in my very obviously super-P.C. neighborhood.

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lisa said...

Yet another reason I enjoy reading your blog-you have an affinity for puns...me too! :)