Moonies? Really?

"The Reverend Sun Moon's Unification Church will pay $500,000 to settle a case of a pastor who poached hundreds of baby sharks from San Francisco Bay." Link.

This story broke a few weeks ago, but we're just now hearing the "reverend" is a Moonie. Before, he was just "a reverend at a local church."

So, apparently there are still Moonies... Who knew? Not me.


anile said...

In Florida, I worked at a restaurant owned and operated by the Moonies. It was one of the nicest jobs I ever had. There were only 2 of us who weren't Moonies. ANyway, Ifelt bad for them. They were all Japanese, (it was a Japanese restaurant) They had been married to their respective mates (who weren't there) in a hotel in Japan. The women went into a hotel room and waited for their chosen mate to appear. Then they got shipped off to work for some moonie business for 3 years before they could be reunited with their mates and then they were fully expected to begin reproducing. And they all thought this was a good way to do things. But they were such wonderful people. So loving and supportive. I've never been in another working environment like that since then. I dont' think they exist. I had a great time working with them. I hope they are all doing well these days.

anile said...

BTW, Rev. Moon owns the Washington Times