I listened to the same CD

all winter long. Since October, in fact.

Today, I put in something new.

(Perhaps you think a gardener would appreciate more variety in his listening habits. Well, I do appreciate a variety of music, but I can listen to the same album over and over [and over], for a very long time, without getting tired of it. I'm not even tired of it now. I think this is part of being an INTJ.)

Why the change? Because spring is in the air, and I decided to mark that in a few different ways.


Annie in Austin said...

Your new fave is in frequent play on KUT here in Austin, so even some one like me knows about it!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

chuck b. said...

I like it! It was very nice to listen to today. (And the irony of listening to the Decemberists in spring is not lost on me.)