San Francisco Flower and Garden Show 2007

We went on the last day (after the 2 p.m. admission price cut) and zoomed through in about 90 minutes.

I enjoyed most of the installations, but this one was my favorite.


The designer created an underwater landscape using succulents and populated it with sea creatures.


Super-fabulous. This would work best as a night garden. You'd light it with colored lights, and it would feel like you're in an aquarium.


Elsewhere, fine textures and woodland scenes predominated.



This one got the most coverage in the local media, and you saw Amy Stewart post the same shot on Garden Rant.


Lots of interesting garden sculpture, but apparently I didn't photograph much of it.


I enjoyed this grassy knoll.


I would totally do something like this if I had the space.


In fact, I'd like to plant a maze.

I regret that I didn't pay more attention to who designed what, but you can go here to see the designers and visit their webpages for hours of garden-related websurfing fun.


Delphine said...

Thank you,my american friend to show us the SF show. it's too far from us to go there...
This week-end, we (my man, my son and i) have filmed our own small show in our garden. Come and see the life of your french admirers.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I loved the pictures of the octopus garden elsewhere, but your idea of making to a night garden with colored lights... wow! I would love to see someone do a garden display like that sometime.