"The Weintraubs said they considered building a waterfall into the [$60,000, remote controlled, gaslit, 16 ft. tall] fireplace [with its own built in stereo system], but decided that might be too extravagant."


Yeah, a waterfall would make it tacky.


Ellis Hollow said...

The whole time I read that article, all I could think of was Nixon turning up the air conditioning in the White House so that he could put a fire in the fireplace.

Annie in Austin said...

My husband & I were talking about this article - too freaking weird. And if you were their neighbors, their music would be shoved in your ears if you were outside, so you couldn't hear any nature sounds.

Maybe the birds know better than to fly over that neighborhood - they'll end up on the spit in the outdoor kitchen.


The County Clerk said...

I know this is the wrong reaction but I'm sitting here thinking: how can I get one of those?


lisa said...

Yes, somewhere between ridiculously gaudy and inviting...fortunately my outdoor fire pit fits in with my decor'.