Day Four

Ignore the visual warmth imparted by the camera flash. In real life, the once and future kitchen now seems oddly...hellish. Like my nightmares could happen here. (Actually, I've never had a nightmare. I haven't even had a bad dream since I was a teenager. I've also never had a wet dream. [Over-share? Well, you expect a certain...earthiness from a gardener, right?])



These guys are seriously the tidiest contractors ever. The last half-hour of every day is spent sweeping and vacuuming. They were sawing plywood in the garage when I came home for lunch, but when I came home for the day, the garage was cleaner than it's been for weeks.)


100-year-old wall.


Our neighbor's house is right on the other side of this wall. I can look up in the corners and see daylight.

They used the plywood still up on Day Two to sheer wall the basement.

Link to Day Three.


JvA said...

Do we get to hear about some of the choices you've made for the new kitchen ahead of time, or do we need to wait and see it as it happens?

chuck b. said...

Definitely no news about choices made. I wasn't interested enough to participate much; I only have a general idea where this is going. The kitchen is Guy's project.

The County Clerk said...

Big stuff. Updates? (I'm doing the same thing at my house - watching very yours very carefully.)

chuck b. said...

Sorry for the delays; I've been slammed this week.