Day 37

The cabinets were delivered today, and that means things should really pick up--like, rightaway.




Site of future pocket door, but I'm 99% certain they've set it up to go in the wrong direction. Guy's not here right now for me to ask. And if it's wrong, he'll be pissed when he gets home. Me, I take these things in stride.


Said pocket door.


Or maybe that's the pocket door over there. Who knows.


I guess this wall doesn't get insulation because it's an interior wall..?


Can you tell I am so over this?

Washing dishes in the bathroom hasn't been that bad. We have a relatively large bathroom sink because I hate small sinks unless it's the only option for a very small space. Even more, I hate small faucets that pour water close to the back of the sink basin so you have to get your hands all up against the back of the sink to wash them. Drives me nuts.

So this is our bathroom sink.


I felt like I had to show it to you after blathering on about bathroom sinks.

And I haven't much minded eating easy-to-prepare food. I'm not a foodie and I don't like to cook. My favorite thing to eat is macaroni and cheese. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Well, okay, maybe that's not my absolute favorite thing to eat, but it does make me feel good.

In fact, this whole kitchen thing hasn't been anywhere near as bad as the unblogged bathroom remodel we went through last year which dragged on for four months and involved the total loss of a home shower because we only have one shower and it was in the bathroom being remodeled. (Fortunately, we do have a second toilet downstairs.)

Regardless. So over it!

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Kati said...

Love the bathroom sink. We can't be the only two people in the world who find the little sinks with the teensy faucets smack up against the back wall of the sink annoying at best, disgusting in public bathrooms! Did the designers of those sinks actually test them????

lisa said...

Yea, I absolutely HATE those stupid faucets, too! Why are there so many around? Not because it's such a "good design" for sure!