Loving the close-up, Part 1

I followed Carol's suggestion to switch my camera to Portrait mode for taking close-ups of flowers, because the standard mode just wasn't cutting it.

Good suggestion!


I don't think this is the Calendula I bargained for! Should I be surprised? Click here and scroll down. You tell me.

Madia elegans. I like how the camera captures the light pubescence on the stems.


Streptanthus farnsworthianus. This plant really turns me on. The white flowers get a little washed out with the flash, but it really does look like that otherwise. Tomorrow I'm going to sow a whole new flat of these seeds.


Datura wrightii, aka jimson weed, loaded with atropine and scopolamine; deadly poisonous or mildly psychoactive. I'm not going to find out.


The mystery wildflower. Everyone made great suggestions, but I'm still not sure. Is anyone surer now? I might be able to find out if I can locate the packaging of the wildflower seeds I broadcast over here. Considering the present situation de la maison that might not be possible.


The different camera settings really affect the cineraria.


This one remains elusive, I think.



Entangled said...

Linaria, seriously :-)

chuck b. said...

Awesome, yes! thank you!


Carol said...

Your pictures look great. I need to do more pictures with the portrait setting!


Garden Wise Guy said...

Chuck. Thanks for stopping by my Gardenwiseguy blog the other day. I've evened the score. I'm a former SF dweller (alas, only two years before returning to my Santa Barbara home) living in the inner Sunset and a stone's throw from the Strybing. What a gift!

I enjoy your flower photos, expecially the killer yellow lupines! Hope the spider bite has settled down and the home rehab is working out.

I'd welcome you comments back at my blog would like to exchange links. Lemme know.

I've just moved into a new place here in SB and will have little or no gardening space. Might have to get creative with a small balcony.

gotta continue unpacking. Later, skater.

lisa said...

Wow, nice close-ups! That first bloom is NOT as advertised, to be sure...but pretty nonetheless.