Day 41

Actually, these pictures are from yesterday, Day 40, the only time we've had contractors work on a Saturday for this project.

We thought we'd get this work done on Friday, but "they canceled and asked to come on Saturday."

At this point, they can work the night shift and we wouldn't care.

Sheet rock!





I hope they'll do more tomorrow than just clean up. But I do hope they clean up.


Link to Day 38.

The new cabinets are stacked in the garage and they seriously impede my movements in the garage. It really cramps my garden style to have them there. I don't have a shed in the yard, so all my garden gear is in the garage and baby needs free access.

Anyhow, here are some current flowers.


These poppies must have come from the same seed mix as the Linaria. I have no idea what that was. No memory of it whatsoever.


They're not ugly, but the scattershot distribution limits the overall impact. Whatever.

Get used to seeing Royal Blue Ensign... it's just getting started.


There's no good time of day to photograph Camissonia cheiranthifolia. The flowers only seem to be open in full sun, and when the sun's off them, the flowers close.


Loving Datura wrightii because its big-leafed foliage helps balance out the fine texture overload otherwise prevailing in the garden this summer. That said, it doesn't really go. I would recommend this plant for a minimalist, desert garden. Something Georgia O'Keefe inspired perhaps.


You can see moisture condensed inside the bud.



Annie in Austin said...

Real walls make it seem like the kitchen will be done someday, don't they, Chuck? I like the pocket door - and hope for Guy's sake that it was put up the right way.

I've been strolling through your blog, catching up on the last few weeks of posts, admiring the flowers, feeling sympathy for your spider bite, and laughing at your willingness to live on mac'n'cheese. The Mitsuya article gave me some ideas. Good luck at not bumping into the cabinets as you work in the garden!

BTW, I think entangled is right and the mystery plant is a linaria - maybe something from the Fantasy series? I grew a similar variety but it didn't reseed.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

lisa said...

Progress in the garden AND in the house-life is good!

chuck b. said...

Annie, so glad your back. I'm popping over to the Transplantable Rose right now.

Lisa, life *is* good! I'm very fortunate.