Day 38

The pocket door reversed.


The ceiling gets insulated.


Guy protested the slowness yesterday. We passed inspection on Friday, and all they've done is screw up the door (and fix it), and put up insulation. We want some gypsum hung tomorrow.

Link to Day 37.


Anonymous said...

What was their response when Guy protested? I'm curious because I'm addicted to home renovation shows and there's ALWAYS major delays caused by workers not doing any work. It seems to be the norm in the building industry so I'm guessing they have canned responses.

chuck b. said...

They've been very conciliatory. We used the same company to do the bathroom last year, and we ran into slowdowns with them then too. Ultimately, we know they'll finish and do a good job. In the meantime, I can exercise (and exorcise) my frustrations on the blog.