"Intuition is a way of coming to a conclusion by leaping over the stepping stones of logic, and this process accelerates the speed of thinking. Intuition is shown in handwriting by spaces between letters within words.

Were it not for her intuition, which she may trust, but probably isn't trustworthy, the writer might take so long to come to reasonable conclusions that some would regard her as semi-handicapped."


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lisa said...

While I understand it's amusing for the media to poke fun at Paris, I feel bad for her that she's regarded by many as "worthless" just because she's rich and famous. I mean, just because she can't write well...who the hell writes letters anymore? Certainly not a rich heiress! Besides, she can't help the family she was born into, so why is she the public punching bag? Child molesters aren't hated as enthusiastically! Just because I can afford my own home doesn't mean I'm gonna go spend some time as a homeless person to "gain perspective"...so why would she? In many ways, she did get to see other lifestyles on her "Simple Life" show...who among us ever does something like that? Are any of us as smart or as charitable as we can be? And wasn't it "vengence is mine sayeth THE LORD?" Not "sayeth Entertainment Tonight"!
*exhale*...rant over! ;-)