Can't Bust This

Former narcotics officer Barry Cooper says he feels guilty for making over 800 drug arrests in his career: "The war on drugs is an utterly losing proposition," he tells Radar. "We caused more harm breaking up families to put non-violent drug offenders in jail than the drugs ever did. And for what? To eradicate 1/10th of a percent of drugs on the street."

Now he has made an instructional video called Never Get Busted Again. Radar Online has printed some of Cooper's tips.


My favorite: "If you are driving with large quantities of narcotics, do so in the rain. Cops hate pulling people over when it's wet out. Traveling during rush hour and other times of heavy traffic is also a good tactic."


Added: A different view.

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lisa said...

Excellent! Nice to hear of a cop that sees the big picture, because I've always thought it odd that minor users get so much time, and violent offenders don't.