Day 67 and 72

Day 67 looked good!



But this is wrong.


The countertop is supposed to be extend over the top of the undermounted sink so it's a straight drop off the counter with no lip. It's all there in the plans, but the sub didn't understand that, so the contractor has to eat this. Too bad!

Day 72:

They've papered over the counter top in preparation for tiling the backsplash.


The floating shelves are new.



The countertop on this wall has been removed.


Site of future refrigerator.


Pantry plus wine rack. Guy thinks all our food can fit in here. We'll see.


Paint swatches. We're going with the the very pale one on the left.




Link to Day 65.


LostRoses said...

I don't think your food will fit in there either, but that will give you an excuse to go to a restaurant instead. Everything is looking good!

lisa said...

Coming along great! Do they have to cut a whole new countertop? Is that Corian? If so, the contractor must be sick about the mistake, cuz' that shit's expensive!

chuck b. said...

They do have to cut a whole new countertop. It's not Corian, it's granite which I think is more expensive than Corian, but I'm not sure. They removed the sink and took it to the stone cutter so he (or she) can make sure it gets done right this time. Two steps forward, one step back.

I don't where we're going to put all our food! Guy insists it's going to work. I have a feeling canned goods will end up in the garage. We shall see.

Annie in Austin said...

Everyone I know who's redone a kitchen recently has an undermounted sink, Chuck - how could they make such an error?

I now envy you the undermounted sink in addition to the pullout slides in the cabinets.

Of course your food will fit, because it's all going to be healthy things like fresh vegetables and fruits, right?? And they won't go in the pantry - they'll be in the refrigerator!

Love your paint color, too.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

JvA said...

Bravo for sacrificing food space for a wine rack. You fellas have your priorities straight.