Day 50 and 51

Day 50 was July 3 and Day 51 was July 4. The main thing that's happened since the last time I posted is that the walls got primed. I took pictures of it, but I'm too lazy to look for them on my messy computer desktop. Anyhow, the priming took 2 or 3 days and filled the house with a nasty chemical odor. I don't think we slept very well the first night but that could be unrelated to the bad smell.

Day 50:

They're starting to lay down the foundation for the cabinets, whatever that's called. I guess that wall is where the cooktop is going. Yeah, that's right. See the vent hole high in the wall? Site of future cooktop ladies and gentlemen.


I see they put up ceiling trim too. I hadn't noticed that.


I guess the cabinets all sit on this kind of framing.


I think we do lose that furnace vent in the floor. But they didn't cover it up... Hmmm.



I could sell this on EBay.



Good-bye, Day 50.

One more picture I took yesterday...


Guy is changing out our incandescents for compact fluorescents on a trial basis. I have no complaints! They're especially fine and sensible for any fixture that has the bulb behind glass.

Hello, Day 51. They were eager to work today, July 4, because 1) they're so behind, and 2) they're Irish and July 4 is just another day to them. It seems many of the contractors in San Francisco are mysteriously Irish. We do have a lot of Irish in San Francisco, but there is an oddly large supply of Irish contractors in particular.

They spent four of five hours leveling what I'm calling the cabinetry foundations.


They said it's the hardest part [of installing the cabinetry].


So it's not a very dramatic difference from Day 50. Except that here is an actual future cabinet. (The cabinets were all delivered a couple weeks ago and they're crowding me out of the garage which is the base of operations for my garden; I'm very eager to have my base back.)


Funny snippet of contractor conversation I overheard this morning: "I'm not that into tits anymore since my last girlfriend."

Link to Day 43.


Internet Ronin said...

Did you ask them about that heater register? (I sure would before the cabinets go in and there is no way in there to close it off.)

chuck b. said...

It's been discussed with the contractor and the architect. The kitchen is right over the garage/basement and offers unobstructed access to the furnace vents so they can shut it off from below. I can't remember what the plan is.

lisa said...

Love that comment-how exactly does a man get "all tit-ed out?" Were hers too large and he needed some sort of breathing apparatus, or what? Hilarious.