Day 52

You'll love this!

Today, the contractors determined the surface of our 100-year-old walls are too uneven (by an inch apparently) for them to shim up the cabinetry framing we bought (all custom made), and that it would be easier for them if they just built new framing on site.

So they undid all the work they did on Days 50 and 51, and tomorrow they'll start over again.




Isn't that HILARIOUS?

Couldn't you just DIE?

Link to Day 51.


Annie in Austin said...

Hang in there Chuck - it will be wonderful one of these days. But watching you go through the has made me decide that our kitchen is not bad enough to need renovation!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Internet Ronin said...

Ah, the joys of remuddling. Remember them well. These days, whenever tempted to remodel, I just move to a new place. Much easier on the nerves ;-)

This too shall pass, Chuck. As Annie says, "it will be wonderful one of these days."

Jenn said...


I hate paying for incompetence!

But. Well. I can't wait to see the finished kitchen. The suspense is killing me!

chuck b. said...

Oh, it's not so bad. As Ronin pointed out, it's largely a process of "muddling through". I guess I could fault them for not reading the architect's drawings and screwing up a thing or two that took whole days to correct. Sigh. We just try to keep our chin up and take it day by day.

Oh, and one of them missed the toilet and peed all over the floor in the bathroom.