"My Summers Off"

I have two friends on vacation in Peru right now, one of them is blogging it. No news from her yet about tonight's big earthquake, but lots of other interesting stuff, including Machu Pichu. I hope she's alright. And my other friend too. Link.

Added: My friends made it home.


JvA said...

I also have a friend traveling in the area. Eight or nine days ago he wrote that "For the next 3 weeks, I´ll be traveling across Bolivia and then into Peru, where I´ll be visiting small pueblos in the southwest part of the country before hiking up to Machu Picchu." I hope he ended up hanging out in Bolivia for a while.

Earthquakes are terrifying. The last two earthquakes I've been in, I've been with one other person. In the first one, I kept asking my companion "When is it going to end? When is it going to end?" The last earthquake I was in, I was in a bathroom in a downtown skyscraper about to enter a stall, and another woman was also in the bathroom washing her hands. After it started, she kept asking me, "When is it going to end? When is it going to end?" I told her I didn't know.

I don't remember if she cried, but I do remember that after it was over, she asked for a hug.

JvA said...

My friend's still in Bolivia, safe. Have you heard from your friend yet, Chuck?

lisa said...

Man, I sure hope this works out okay! Keep us posted, please...hugs to you, BTW!

chuck b. said...

One of my friends is home now, but I haven't heard any updates about Stacie. I can't believe any harm has befallen her, although I imagine she's probably not having a lot of fun right now either.