Wrapping Up Loose Ends, Part I: Day 95.

As of yesterday, the kitchen remodel is done. Except that it's not. There are a few punch-list items to be settled, e.g., they ordered the wrong trash compactor and that needs to be dealt with, some wood panels still need to be placed, some minor grouting. (Actually, all grouting is minor. Grouting takes no time at all. I learned that last year when we did the bathroom.)

But for our purposes here, the kitchen remodel is done.

The blog thread closes now.



Ultimately, absolutely the only things that belong on the counter top are the blender, the Kitchen Aid mixer, and the pitcher of utensils. Everything else gets put away. I like to have as little visual clutter as possible on the counter tops.

We'll be cooking with cheap-o utensils and eating off Ikea plates for, oh, the next three years.


Except for one electrical outlet in the wall, all the others are up under the cabinets.

Dig this:

(Guy's parents are watching ABBA videos in the other room.)



So, what's the damage? I'll tell you, back-of-the-envelope style:

Architect + contractors + custom table/cabinets + Sub-Zero refrigerator + Wolf range + permits + marmoleum floor + lighting + 95 days = a little over $100k.

Concerned about falling home prices? Not really. We're happy (and very, very fortunate) to live here and we're not going anywhere.

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Christopher C. NC said...

OMG! I am expecting to build my entire 330ft2 plus loft and front porch cabin for less than half of that and it includes site work and a well.

My architect/contractor is closely related and the carpenter/gopher is moi', so that makes a big difference.

Time will tell how fancy my flooring, cabinetry and other interior details will be. I want nice and sturdy, but not the most expensive.

JvA said...

Wow! Snazzy! I can't imagine a more efficient use of that space.

Pam/Digging said...

Your new kitchen is beautiful. I love that pale tile. Is it green? Nice job!

chuck b. said...

Thanks, all. Yeah, I know it's really crazy what it all costs. Believe it or not, it could have been much worse. The small size worked in our favor on that front a little bit I think.

Yes, Pam--celadon.

Phillip said...

That is a gorgeous kitchen! Do you cook?

chuck b. said...

We rarely cook. But when we do, we'll be cooking with style.

lisa said...

Beautiful!! I bet you're damn thrilled to be done with that mess...quite worth it, though.