"If [Thomas] Jefferson had dined only with those who'd been a force for good in the world, Jefferson would often have dined alone. If we insist only good and moral leaders talk to us, we'll wind up surrounded by silence. In fact, if we insist we talk only to those whose good deeds have matched their high aspirations, we won't always be on speaking terms with ourselves."

I'm not generally Peggy Noonan's biggest fan, but when she's right, she's right. RTWT.



lisa said...

I agree! Thank you for linking a very interesting article...I wondered why the candidates seemed so bland. I'm sick of the overall climate these days of "I know what you should be doing", and some days it feels as though it's coming from everyone, everywhere! Which brings to mind my general response-Screw you guys, I'll do what I want! (Heh, comment varif. was "tynus", almost looked like "tyrant" at first.)

Internet Ronin said...

I'd also say that he would not have been able to dine with himself. After all, Jefferson led a very "do as I say not as I do type" of life. At the same time, it makes her point doesn't it?

chuck b. said...

Yes! I was reading along thinking, "She's good today. This is working for me." And then suddenly, out of nowhere, she drops the Jefferson. And I'm like, hard stop. I thought about it for a bit... "Yeah Jefferson. That works!"