Bloom Day Is Ready (was Will Be Late)

Bad news: I splattered my whisky and setlzer on my computer keyboard a couple days ago, and had to send it in for service. In the meantime, how to get pictures from my camera onto Guy's computer is not immediately obvious. So blogging will be slow for the next few weeks. Plus, I'm going to Hawaii next weekend. Hopefully I'll have Bloom Day up in the next couple of days. Monday at the latest.

Fortunately, this is not exactly a thrilling month for flowers in the garden. I have a lot of purple heliotrope, two abutilon (one white, one apricot), purple penstemon, and a scarlet epilobium all in full bloom. The Hardenbergia vine is pregnant with buds, and the manzanita flower buds are starting to swell. Tibouchina urvilleana responded to a heavy tip pruning by making dozens of new buds.

ADDED: pictures of some November blooms.






Link to last month's Bloom Day post.


Deviant Deziner said...

Oooo Hawai'i next week !
You lucky devil you !
We just returned from Kauai on Monday and had a great time lounging by the beach, swimming in the lagoons , visiting botanical gardens , getting pampered at the hotel spa , kayaking up the river and hiking to the falls.

I hope you have as much fun as we did.
If you are staying on the island of Kauai you must treat yourself to a walk around the grounds of the Grand Hyatt in Poipu.
That is where we stayed and the gardens are spectacular !
I posted a few photos of the trip on my blog.

As far as blooms in the garden, well the coleus is bloomins and so are all the brugmansias, iochromas, many of the succulents, sages and even a few bromeliads.

The sun is much too bright to get a decent photograph so maybe tonight I will go out at sunset.

Mahalo and Aloha !

Annie in Austin said...

Well, Chuck, that's a better excuse than "my cats ate my bloom post" - good luck with figuring out the technology and I'm already pre-jealous of the apricot abutilon.

If you can't post photos, just have fun in Hawaii!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Christopher C. NC said...

Hawaii again so soon? Must be nice to live on the left coast and weekend on the outer islands.

I think it may be snowing here depending on the proper structural definition of frozen moisture.

lisa said...

Wow...sucks about the computer, but I had to kinda smile...I have replaced three keyboards from beer spills! Someday I'll be smart and get one of these. Have a great time in Hawaii!

The Green Panther said...

Nice blog name! =) It's kind of like my own site, only this one is structured and successful.

LostRoses said...

chuck, you must be more careful. Have a lovely time in Hawaii and your mention of the abutilon reminds me I finally tossed mine a few weeks ago. I couldn't face hauling that big monster into the house for the winter one more time. But I am feeling a bit guilty over the whole thing.

Carol said...

Don't you know that drinking and blogging is a bad combination?

Enjoy Hawaii for all of us!

lisa said...

Nice pictures! Welcome back!