In the garden this morning

We got 1 inch of rain last night. The forecast called for 0.1 inch; I think we always get more rain than the forecast calls for.



I won't be able to use these roses for Bloom Day. Better take a picture now.


There's a slight chance I'll have Hardenbergia violacea 'Happy Wanderer' in bloom by the 15th.


Can you see all the buds?


Not so for Cobaea scandens, which only in the last few months has grown at the rate I expected it to grow all along.


I grew this plant from seed, which I do not recommend. I had a hard time getting any germination. I think I sowed 10 seeds, and I got one plant. Many gardeners grow Cup-and-Saucer Vine as an annual. Unless we have an unusually cold winter, it should live from year to year in San Francisco.

The cymbidium orchid is sending up a flower stalk. This is a division I made from a plant I received as a gift.


On cymbidium, Katherine Grace Endicott says this:
"The British imported them from the jungles of Asia and have been growing them in greenhouses for the past two hundred years. During World War II many cymbidiums were sent from England to Santa Barbara to protect them from bombing raids. In Santa Barbara it was soon discovered that the cymbidiums did better outdoors than in the greenhouse. When the war ended, the cymbidiums had multiplied and thrived so well in California that many divisions were kept when the originals were returned. They have been favored by California gardeners ever since."

Some narcissus are emerging...


And I dug this thing up from behind the bamboo. It's growing from a tuberous root or rhizome. I don't know what it could be.


I assume this is sweat pea. I think I sprinkled some wildflower seeds in here too tho'.


I have carrots, onions, peas, radishes and salad greens in the vegetable garden right now--and potatoes up at the pea patch.


This radish is pretty, but tasted bland. Maybe because of the rains last night? Or maybe it's just a bland variety. Or maybe it wasn't ripe. I bought it for the pretty picture on the seed packet.

It's not all spring-y.

I'm getting an unusually dark color on Vitis californica 'Rogers Red' this year.



anna maria said...

I grew Cobea Scandens from seed and transplanted it into a container outdoors at the beginning of June. It grew several feet, but nothing like the crazy vine I remember rowing in my Fort Mason community garden.
However, like yours, it seems to be taking off now, but I guess I can't expect much from a container...
(I live in SF too)

chuck b. said...

There's a community garden at Fort Mason? That sounds like something worth visiting. Where is it?

Annie in Austin said...

If the leaves were pointier the unnamed root could be a Four O'Clock, but that would be way too ordinary a plant for you to grow, Chuck ;-]

I'm so jealous of your rain - we had too much in early summer and nothing this fall.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

chuck b. said...

I've tried so many plants back in that area where the root came from, but nothing worked. This must be one of the several things I've tried. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what it is.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Wow, the color on that vitus is gorgeous.

Sweet peas in the midst of a pot of succulents... no wonder I think of yours as a magic garden. :)