More about the tree slasher

Just wanted to call out some of the reader comments from the LA Times piece (registration not required) about the Las Vegas tree slasher that I mentioned a couple days ago:
18. I understand where this poor man is coming from. He bought his home when it had a view. New selfish neighbors planted non-native trees without regard to their neighbors with views, ruining the values. Who is selfish here - the tree slasher or the neighbors who don't care about others? The same selfish people who planted water loving plants in a desert, that's who. "Going green" means conservation - not planting water loving plants where they don't belong.

52. I live in the community where this happened and it was sickining to wake up, go for a drive and see another 20-40 trees were sawed off 4 feet from the ground. Hoffman himselg has some 18 trees on his small 6,000 square foot lot. I wonder if he or his young wife would like it if someone came and cut down all their trees? Not likely. They'd probably call the police and press charges, demanding that the tresspasser be put in jail! What is the correct jail term? It's whatever is the term that someone who steals a half-million dollars from a bank gets.


Marci said...

but what if the wife wasnt so
young? What if she was old...I mean
really old?

in the garden, as life in general, point-of-view is everything


chuck b. said...

It's possible he's mentally ill and the proper reaction to the whole thing should be "How sad", not "How interesting and bloggable". I don't know.

lisa said...

It's amazing how rabid people get about their surroundings. I just don't understand why he took it out on the trees. Hey, I'd sure like to have control over my view of the river and who's on the opposite shore, but if I don't have the money to buy that property, then too bad for me. Maybe instead of having a meltdown, the poor guy should have just moved. Or bought the property in question. Or seen a shrink.