Temporarily paralyzed from the ankle down


The kittens love to snuggle up on my feet. They do this when I'm on the bed or couch with my computer, surfing. I feel like I shouldn't move. That's fine, except that I have to pee right now.

What a life.

Penny, wake up! I have to pee!


Pretty much the only time I can get a picture of Miss Patty in focus is when she's sleeping.


Pattycake, I have to pee!


Gina said...

that is so cute!

verobirdie said...

LOL, they are so cute.
I often can't comment on the blogs I visit, at least not when I would like, because my arm is paralyzed by one cat. I understand the feeling :-)

Christopher C. NC said...

Now that I am back up north I could use a pair of those fur socks!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

awwww... :)

lisa said...

Waay cute!

The Green Panther said...

Thanks for the compliments -- same to you! I'm putting your blog on my RSS.

I LOVE your kitty pictures. I'm the appalled owner of four cats, so I'm always a softie for posts of feline nature.